Winner of the Prestigious Henty Machinery Field Days
"Machine of the Year - 2016"

How does Back Up Charlie work?

Back up Charlie is a dual lane race that is flexible, it can be in a bugle formation or straight and anywhere in between, the laneways also vary in width catering for all sizes of sheep from weaners through to large rams and ewes. It is fully portable and can be used in an existing yard or stand alone and therefore it has so many applications.

Where Back Up Charlie stands out is with its anti-backing system which I have extensively tested at “Lakeside” over the last two years. Sheep aren’t baulked by it at all and flow rates have improved considerably. There is no reason to physically handle with the sheep as they are held comfortably. One person with experience and good dogs should be able to crutch70+ sheep/ hour and with help 80+/ hour.


Back Up Charlie Features


Light + Safe

As the sheep are held in the lane race by the hock bar there is no need to get in the yard and physically handle the sheep. Reducing operator frustration and fatigue. Happy yards happy life !

As the flow is achieved with less pressure the need for prodders and excessive force are eliminated.


The double lane race

Works as lane ways side by side draw the sheep along.



Low Hock bar

The hock bars are unique design they are below the sheep’s main line of vision and are not too bulky to baulk the sheep. Not allowing sheep to turn or back out of the race.


Closed in Panels

The panels are closed in on the inside of the dual lead up race to stop the sheep vision of the operator on the inside. Back Up Charlie can turn left or right simply by swapping the panels from one side to the other.


Dog holes

The dog holes provide ease of access for the dog to get in and out of the forcing yard. This provides a safe working environment for the dogs, which reduces jumping injuries. Dogs adapt to this feature very quickly.


Spring loaded gate access

We have had these in all our yards for many years they proven to save time and reduce effort.

A flexible sheep movement system