Winner of the Prestigious Henty Machinery Field Days
"Machine of the Year - 2016"

What is Back Up Charlie?

Back Up Charlie is a flexible sheep movement system. It consists of a forcing yard leading into a dual race for movement into sheep handlers, crutching plants, scanning machines and a lot of other applications requiring a constant flow of sheep. The forcing race can be in a straight line or turn 180 degrees to a bugle formation and anywhere in between.


  • 6 Flexible panels blanked for race
  • 6 Flexible centre panels with Back Up Charlie hock bars
  • 6 Mesh panels for race
  • 7 Adjustable joining sections for race
  • 2 Joining sections for forcing pens

  • 2 Blanked panels 1 with dog hole for forcing pen
  • 2 Mesh panels 1 with dog hole for forcing pen
  • 1 back gate
  • 1 spring loaded access gate
  • The race will hold 20+ 70kg ewes and forcing pen the same

Charlie & Tana
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How does Back Up Charlie work?


Light Weight

Light weight hock
bars, designed to stop
backwards movement


Double Race

Works as lane ways side by side
drawing the sheep along



Dog Holes

Easy access dog




Low Hock Bars

Hock bars are below animals
eye level to encourage
forward movement


Closed In Panel

Closed in left hand panel to
prevent livestock baulking


Spring Loaded

Spring loaded gate
for ease of access

Demonstration Dates

A flexible sheep movement system